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Lucie Blaze - one-of-a-kind skateboards

Skateboarding is about individuality, creativity, and expression. That’s what I aim to express with my limited edition skateboards, each adorned with a colourful and surreal one of a kind artwork. All designs are printed on 7 ply Canadian maple pro-decks and will take you on a colourful ride through painting, original graphics and hand embellished digital collage.

After many years working as a graphic designer, I combined my two passions - art and skateboarding - to design these unique boards. They have been created especially for female skateboarders, featuring vibrant colours, a mix of urban spray-painted aesthetics and geometric designs, all with a distinct feminine character.

There are over a dozen designs available that look great whether you screw wheels to them and skate them, or hang them from your wall. If you’d like a specific design that you can’t see here, I’m always happy to create a personalised and unique artwork especially for you. I aim to celebrate the skateboard as a sporting tool, and create decks that female skaters all around the world love to ride.